Why Breaking Bounds Dance

Welcome To
Breaking Bounds Dance

Annie Wood is extremely proud and excited to launch this competition and to provide the dance community with another outstanding platform for dancers, teachers, studio owners, choreographers, parents and families to come together to celebrate the development of dance education in our community.

Annie Wood

Annie has over 18 years of professional experience in the competitive dance industry. She is a highly esteemed dance educator and a respected choreographer. She also has a strong track record of success and excellence in producing quality educational dance events across Canada.
Annie has participated in the competition circuit as a teacher and choreographer, as a judge, as a host, and as a spectator. She has a deep understanding about the industry as a whole and she is deeply committed to providing the community with opportunities that continue to encourage our growth and elevate us to the next level.

For Annie, launching this competition is a dream finally realized. Annie’s strong passion for dance and her love for everyone in the community who partake in studio and competition dance life is the driving force for Breaking Bounds Dance Challenge. Annie’s devoted commitment to care and excellence for the dance industry is something that distinguishes her and all of the events that she produces.

Thank you for participating in our event and sharing your love of dance with us!