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Annie Wood is immensely proud and elated to have launched “Breaking Bounds” in the summer of 2017. Now, years later, this platform continues to thrive and serves as a testament to the dance community’s dedication and passion. It has evolved into a crucial hub for dancers, teachers, studio owners, choreographers, parents, and families to unite and commemorate the growth and enhancement of dance education in our community.

Annie Wood

Annie Wood, the visionary founder of Breaking Bounds, is a globally recognized dance educator and choreographer. Ms. Wood holds a Master’s Degree in Dance Studies, a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Dance and Theatre performance, and a Bachelor of Education Degree, and she is a Certified Teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers.

With over twenty-five years in the competitive and professional dance realm, Annie has amassed a plethora of awards and distinctions, forging a reputation synonymous with excellence. Her leadership has cemented Breaking Bounds as a formidable presence in the competitive dance arena, offering a blend of competitions, conventions, and immersive studio workshops.

Driven by Annie’s fervent passion for dance, Breaking Bounds consistently sets the gold standard in dance education across Canada, offering events that challenge dancers to transcend boundaries and realize their utmost potential. These events underscore the essence of Breaking Bounds—pushing limits and inspiring dancers.

Beyond competitions, Breaking Bounds stands as a testament to Annie’s dedication to fostering transformative growth for dancers. The organization champions a nurturing environment where dancers, irrespective of the event, feel safe, invigorated, and deeply connected to their peers.

As Breaking Bounds celebrates the enchantment of dance, Annie eagerly anticipates welcoming the Canadian dance community—dancers, instructors, and studio directors alike—to partake in this unique experience and spotlight their exceptional talent.