Rules and Regulations

At BREAKING BOUNDS we are all about promoting a fun, friendly and safe environment. In order to run a fair competition we ask that every participant abide by the same rules. Also to show good sportsmanship we ask that others attending the competition respect the rules and follow proper theatre etiquette.



3 Minutes

Small Group

3 Minutes


4 Minutes


12 Minutes Max

Duo / Trio

3 Minutes

Large Group

4 Minutes

Extended Line

5 Minutes


  • Solo
    Based on the age of the dancer as of December 31st.
  • Duo/Trio
    Based on the average age of the dancers as of December 31st. To find the average age, drop the decimal point. For Example: if the average = 11.8, the average age is 11 years.
    Based on the average age of the dancers as of December 31st. To find the average age, drop the decimal point. For Example: if the average = 11.8, the average age is 11 years.


All performances exceeding the maximum time outlines that have not been approved by BREAKING BOUNDS will be deducted 1 point for every 5 seconds over the time limit of a routine. Prior to the performance, extended time may be requested for a fee, please speak with The BREAKING BOUNDS Director to make your request. Please make sure all music is edited exactly from beginning to end to avoid any confusion.

Music must be uploaded to DanceBUG. Please list all songs by song title and in the order that they compete. Music must be sent to Breaking Bounds a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start of the competition. An Administration fee will be charged to your account if music is sent in late.

BREAKING BOUNDS is a family-friendly competition and the choice of music is very important, along with age-appropriate choreography and costuming. Any performance that includes music with explicit words, or referring to violence and/or other inappropriate content as determined by BREAKING BOUNDS and/or judges will be adjudicated, but will not be given awards or overalls. Please make sure your music is clean to avoid any possibility of disqualification.


Choreographers, teachers, students and parents automatically grant permission to BREAKING BOUNDS and its Directors to use, without any compensation whatsoever, their photos and videos for publicity and promotional purposes, including but not limited to ads, television, videotaping and broadcasting, social media, web or print.


Pre-Competitive, novice and mini dancers who do not complete their routine will have the chance to re-dance. Dancers will still receive an award according to their score but are ineligible for overalls. Junior, Teen and Senior Competitive dancers who choose to re-dance will not be eligible for placement in the category or overalls and will dance for adjudicators’ comments only. All dancers who experience technical difficulties can re-dance with no penalties.


Dangerous props are not to be used on stage, such as fire, swords, or knives. No weapons of any sort. BREAKING BOUNDS has the right to reserve the use of specific props according to the venue’s guidelines and restrictions.


BREAKING BOUNDS asks that studios help maintain a clear backstage area. Studio Directors and teachers are permitted at all times. Students may wait backstage up to 5 numbers before their performance. We ask that all studios respect and support one another, and applaud for one another. BREAKING BOUNDS does not permit any negativity or booing towards any performers.


Each competitor may only compete from one studio. Competitors may not compete against themselves. BREAKING BOUNDS reserves the right to add or subtract days to the event pending on the number of registered entries. BREAKING BOUNDS reserves the right to determine the amount of all cash awards based on registration, at its discretion. Videotaping, and photography are prohibited at any BREAKING BOUNDS event inside the theatre. Adult categories will not be eligible for an overall award. Soloists will be separated into heats on the occasion that 10 or more soloists fall into one particular category. No refunds will be issued for any reason. BREAKING BOUNDS will not be held responsible for injuries, damage and lost or stolen property over the duration of any BREAKING BOUNDS event. Birth certificates are not required, however if there is a discrepancy it will need to be provided by the end of the competition. Failure to do so will result in disqualification for that specific entry. Performances are videotaped for judges’ critiques as well as sales and advertising purposes. BREAKING BOUNDS reserves the right to use photographs and video of dancers taken at the venue for promotional purposes. In order to accommodate larger props, participants must make note of them on the registration form along with setup times. All marks are final. Awards are based on scores and not on placement in a category, therefore there could be several medals handed out in the same age category. In the event of a tie, both numbers will receive the same award and placement within the category. If the tie is in an overall, the tie will be broken. One cash prize will be awarded. All decisions are made final by the Director of BREAKING BOUNDS DANCE INC. Any changes that need to be made must be made 15 days prior to the competition start date. All changes must be written and approved by BREAKING BOUNDS. If a contestant wishes to change their scheduled performance they must do so before the category competes or they will not be placed in their category and given an overall award. In the event that enough dancers are missing from a routine to change the division of the category, studios must notify BREAKING BOUNDS prior to the category. Tap sounds on recordings of tap entries will result in a 5pt deduction. Any studio, dancer or parent that abuses the designated dressing area will be disqualified. All participants are responsible for cleaning their area and properly disposing of all garbage. Competitors should be ready to perform 1 hour before their scheduled time, in case competition is ahead of schedule. All prize money is awarded to the studio only. Independent entries are permitted and eligible for overalls. Improv category will not be eligible for an overall. Acro Tricks, 3 points will be deducted per trick over the amount allowed in the category. Age divisions and/or types of routines may be combined based on the number of entries for categories and overalls.