Specialty Awards

Viewer’s Choice

At BREAKING BOUNDS everyone can participate!
Vote for your favorite piece and the winner will be chosen by
the highest number of votes

Judges’ Choice

At each awards session one of the judges will present their judges choice awards. These awards include special qualities in dance that caught their eye. For example, emotional expression, excellent clarity in tap sounds, super staging in a large group etc, excellent potential in a dancer, etc.

Teacher and
Choreography Awards

Judges will select awards for excellence in
choreography at each award session

Team Spirit

BREAKING BOUNDS Loves positive, supportive team spirit, both on and off the stage. the BREAKING BOUNDS staff and judges will collectively choose a studio that demonstrates positive enthusiasm, support for each other, as well as other studios, and displays respect and care in overall attitude and behavior throughout the competition.

Breaking Bounds

Judges will award scholarships to dancers of their choice


Judges choice for 12 and Under / 13 and Over


Dancers Must be 13 and Over to be Elgible for Participation
Judges Choice Will be Announced


At BREAKING BOUNDS we know how much parents do to support their children in dance and we feel it is important to acknowledge parent participation in their child’s dance life. Parent awards are presented throughout the weekend.